4 Amazing Uses of BLE Beacons in Tourism

BLE Beacons are fresh new things in tourism right now that are taking the world of tourism and even the hospitality industry by storm. Today almost everyone has a mobile device which makes it important for tourist attractions to integrate Mobile development in their operations. Beacons offer a targeted area of coverage and allow users to access and use functionalities or information that is limited to a specific location without the need of any Wi-Fi or cellular connection enabling any visitor to access location-specific content directly from their phone.

It means information about the location or products that are specific to the location can be accessed directly from the smartphone given that the user has the location-specific app installed and has their Bluetooth turned on.

So, how do tourist attractions use Beacons? Here are 4 amazing uses of Beacons in tourism that will definitely get you excited for the future.

Museum Pilot

Made for the Doge’s Palace in Venice, one of the largest museums in Venice, Museum Pilot does exactly what the name sounds like. Museum Pilot provides all the services a normal museum guide would ranging from guiding the visitors, helping them learn more about the exhibits all directly from their phones. The end result is an experience that is more immersive, accessible and makes navigating through the Museum simpler and easier than ever before. The app automatically detects the exhibit a visitor is approaching and shares information on its own without the user having to type in anything.

Artplace Museum

The Artplace Museum app allows the visitors to enjoy a virtual tour through their smartphone without having to rely on any guides. The app lets a user explore the castle while providing an audio guide along with a large variety of content and info about the 1000 years of history and architecture of the castle. The information is readily accessible by simply turning on the Bluetooth and downloading the app. The app is still being updated and will receive a variety of new features down the line which just goes to show how much Beacon technology can further develop.

BorderCheck App

Developed for the Ethnological Museum of Berlin, the BorderCheck App can track the location of visitors in the museum to provide them with information that is relevant to the exhibit they’re viewing as well as providing them with a wide array of questions that if answered correctly can help them unlock rewards and prizes. The app offers multiple levels of difficulty making it fun and accessible to all the users helping them make their visit to one of the best Ethnological Museums in the world even more memorable. It constantly keeps updating as the visitors go from room to room and can also push notifications when running in the background.

Blupath Platform

The Blupath Platform is designed to provide people with a way to connect and talk with others in the same location using their Bluetooth smartphones. Due to its versatility, it can be used in a variety of industries including the hospitality and tourism industry with great results. Its custom development is focused towards providing a reliable connection solution for indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to its flexible design, it can be incorporated into innovative communication portals throng custom development making it definitely something anyone in the tourist industry would want to keep an eye on.