5 Best New Products at Mobile World Congress 2015

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is a popular platform for the world’s leading mobile manufacturers to unveil their flagship devices and announce plans for entering new markets or establishing strategic partnerships. Before the start of the conference this year, there have been already plenty of speculations and rumors going around about big announcements at the conference.


While some companies have stated that despite earlier claims, they will not showcase new devices during the event, as it is in the case with Sony’s Xperia Z4 and Huawei’s Ascend P8, less than a week before the conference kick starts in Barcelona we have a good picture of what to expect from the mobile giants. Here are the top five announcements and unveilings we expect to see at the event:

1) Samsung Galaxy S Edge

While it is unlikely that Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S6 will make it to Barcelona (though hopes remain), we do expect Galaxy S Edge to steal a big chunk of the show with its curved display. The edge of the device (obviously, how it got its name) will feature a continuation of the main screen and will act as a controls panel and notifications display. The phone will most likely possess the same 15MP+ camera rumored to be featured in Galaxy S6. At least 3GB of RAM are expected to power the handset and options for built in storage memory will range from 32 to 128GB. What remains to be discovered is how much the phone’s design will resemble that of its bigger brother, Galaxy Note Edge.

2) Project Ara from Google

Since Google reserves its own Google I/O events for announcements regarding its Nexus product line, it is unlikely that any of these devices will appear in Barcelona next week. Instead, we are very eager to see how far the company got with Project Ara, as it is widely rumored to be showcased at the event. Project Ara aspires to launching the first modular phone on the consumer market. The phone consists of the body or the case and multiple detachable modules playing a role of CPUs, storage drives, cameras, batteries and etc. This approach will let users replace broken or obsolete parts with ease, without having to replace the whole device. Furthermore, it allows users to configure their devices the way that fits them best. Someone who is on the road a lot will be able to build their phone based around longer battery life, while camera freaks will favor better camera modules and bigger storage capacity. About 50 working modules from multiple manufacturers are to accompany Project Ara to Barcelona and many expect an announcement of the project’s official launch date at the event.

3) HTC One M9

Although HTC’s next flagship HTC One M9 is set to be announced a day before the conference, we will surely see a lot of it at MWC. The new phone will feature higher resolution cameras, extended functionality of camera and image-editing software, Dolby Audio Surround audio system, all packed in a sleek casing with gold colored frame. There have been many rumors going around in the past month that HTC will also be launching a smartwatch alongside HTC One. If this is true and we will see a wearable device from HTC at the Mobile World Congress this year, HTC must be doing a great job keeping it secrete, as there is no verified information on the device’s details and specs. However, if the rumors are true, the event will be a great place for the company to officially enter the wearables market.

4) Lenovo Vibe X3

Lenovo seems to be planning on taking the event by storm with not one but six new devices in its Vibe lineup. Vibe X3 will feature a metallic case and will be positioned as the company’s flagship. Vibe Shot is to feature an advanced back camera becoming the company’s first camera phone. Vibe Max will have a 6-inch screen and the OS is to be optimized to work with the included stylus. Vibe P1 and Vibe P1 Pro will both be performance oriented devices, running on octa-core processors. Vibe S1 will be the cheapest handset of the whole lineup and will come in many colors.

5) LG G Watch R2

While almost no one is hoping to see the new LG G4 phone so soon, there is substantial evidence that suggests that LG will be launching a new smartwatch and it will be doing so at the Mobile World Congress next week. LG G Watch R2, as they call it, is a 4G-enabled wearable device that, unlike many current smartwatches, will work as a standalone device. At this point, no reliable source lists any specifications of the device, but many expect it to be priced similar to its predecessor, G Watch R, at around 300 USD.

These kind of announcements make Mobile World Congress an exciting and highly anticipated event. However, its main attraction is the fact that it brings thousands of creative and forward thinking people under one roof, fueling further innovation and breakthroughs in the mobile world.