8 Tips How to Build a Good Retail App

In our previous article we outlined What valxue mobile apps can bring to retailers. Now, we’d like to share some tips on how to build a good mobile retail app that will attract loyal users.

It’s a good idea if you:

  • Analyze your target audience.

Define your target customers age, occupation, budgets, location, platform and device preferences. The more info you have the more targeted shopping experience you’ll be able to present.

  •  Analyze your competitors’ apps.
Figure out their both strengths and lacks and gather their clients’ feedback.

Most likely your competitors will be reluctant to share it, but luckily some info you can find on the internet, in the mobile app reviews, ratings, from the app store feedback. It will help you to avoid competitors’ mistakes.

  • Think of an app marketing campaign.
As every other app, mobile retail app also needs am effective marketing campaign. Unless your retail business’s name is already a popular brand and you already have a strong client base, be ready to promote it to attract users. 
  • Invest time in selecting development partner.
Low-skilled development partner will be a waste of money. Before requesting price estimation make sure your potential development partner has strong experience in building mobile apps for shopping, references, staff level, internal and external processes. Be prepared to give information about your business in return since high qualified IT service providers are usually loaded with work and don’t waste time on quoting without establishing proper introduction.
  • Conside in-app feedback from customers.
After the app release it might happen your customers will request more useful improvements. It’s worth rethinking your specification and approving these changes with your development partner if this responds to the audience feedback.

It’s NOT a good idea if you:

  • Build an app without specific goals in mind.

It will be easier for you to select app features if you put top priorities on one or two specific goals. As mentioned in our previous post, the app can bring value in many ways. If for example you’d like it to be a sale-driving tool it’s better to focus on product catalog and push notifications based on location features. If it’s all about raising customer loyalty and promoting brand – focus on social network integration, store news and promotion section.

  • Overload the app with too many features.

The user should always be able to access the relevant information, search for the right product, see and compare its price and be able to make a quick purchase. The app navigation should be convenient, quick and intuitive. These features should be on priority. If your app abounds with too many unnecessary features, the impatient users will leave the app.

  • Save budgets compromising the app quality.
In the app race the earlier you present your mobile product on the market, the more advantage you have over your competitors. But the first impression your app produces on your customers is crucial. Once disappointing your customers with bugs, slow work, poor UI design or irrelevant features you risk losing them forever. Their negative feedback can drive away other potential clients.

At SoftTeco we know first hand how to build apps for retail and shopping and always ready to advice how to make the most out of your business. Feel free check our Portfolio or request more info about our experience.