Android, test sms sender and reciever

Hello Everybody,

I have to implement sms service, and have doubt that testing would be very painful. But I was wrong, google did everything right! :))
To test sms we are able to use 2 emulators (I’m using Android 1.5 emulators, red one, very cute and very fast!)
To send a sms, inside the field “TO” type the port of the second emulator, for instance, I have 2 emulators:
1) 5554
2) 5556
To send sms to 5556, set to field: 5556 and type the text. Also you are able to reply to the first’s emulator message 🙂 Enjoy! 🙂
Greate article, how to implement sms logic inside your application:
Really big thanks to weimenglee, great job!
Happy sms sending! (:
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