What is New in Android 9?

Android 9 Pie is going to be one of the most memorable versions the Android OS has seen in a long time. It has finally started rolling out to Google Pixel devices while other Android devices are expected to get the big update in early 2019. What does an update bring to the table? Surprisingly, a lot! With a new navigation system and AI functionality, the new Android 9 is full of brand new features which is why we’re here to bring you the biggest changes in Android 9 Pie.

1. A New Way To Navigate

Android 9 Pie leaves behind the familiar line-up of the three navigation icons for a more gesture-centric experience. The navigation icons have been replaced with a small pill in the middle that requires you to make gestures that are reminiscent of the iPhone X. If you swipe up, it’ll bring you the last application you launch.

You can also swipe left or right to cycle through the applications you have run in the background. Overall, you can go back into settings and revert it to the original button layout.

2. AI-Based Battery Life Optimization

Google has worked with Alphabet’s DeepMind team in London a new feature called “Adaptive Battery” that uses machine learning to “Predict” what apps you’ll be using more than other and then limit energy consumption. Essentially, this means that the apps you use more will have more access to your phones resources while the ones you’ll less likely to use will have limitations placed on them.

3. Smart Notifications

Just like the new and improved battery, the way Android 9 presents notifications. It doesn’t reinvent the notification system but makes a few tweaks to it that help improve day to day use. For example, if you reply to a message it’ll offer you a string on “smart replies” allowing you to see them and shut them off quickly.

4. Digital Well-being

Ever wonder how many hours a day you spend Tweeting or browsing through your Facebook feed? Google is bringing a new “digital well-being” software to Android 9 Pie that allows you to see how long you’ve been on your smartphone and exactly what you’ve been up to. It’ll tell you a lot of things ranging from how many times you’ve unlocked your phone to how much time you’ve spent on an individual app.

5. Improved Security

The idea that an app like Facebook or Twitter could be secretly recording all our conversations has been around for a while but has remained unproven. The Android 9 is going to lay this myth to rest, finally.

To increase the security of your device, Android 9 will restrict access to the mic, camera, and all app’s sensors that are idle which means you won’t have to worry about being spied on. This also means that once apps are in the background you won’t have to worry about them trying to access the mic or camera. All these making it perfect for dealing with invasive apps.

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