Top Smartphones for Enterprise Use

To encourage productivity, enterprises have embraced the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) scheme to encourage their employees to work while on the go. Gartner even revealed in research back in 2013 that half of companies globally will start requiring employees to supply their own device for work by 2017. The research even found that mobile devices have been found to offer plenty of benefits to businesses, especially for those with remote and field workers.

“The benefits of BYOD include creating new mobile workforce opportunities, increasing employee satisfaction, and reducing or avoiding costs,” said David Willis, distinguished analysts at Gartner.

While adoption is already strong, choosing the best mobile device for enterprise solutions comes with its issues. The dilemma usually begins when selecting the most ideal phone for their company’s requirements.

Read on below to find out our list of the top smartphones for enterprise use, that you should consider.

iPhone 7

Best enterprise smartphone

(via O2)

The new flagship Apple smartphone was always going to be present on the list. While one of the most notable features of the iPhone 7 is its waterproof capability, there is more to it than this rugged new feature. Apple retained the 4.7-inch screen to maintain the ease of use. They have upgraded the maximum internal memory to 256GB and introduced the new iOS 10 with its updated security and privacy setting pre-built to the handset. Enterprise users will love the following features on this handset: longer battery, clearer front and back camera, NFC-capability, more 4G LTE band (ideal for worldwide roaming), and updated security and privacy settings. Currently, O2 users gave the handset a 5-star rating for its ease of use, camera, battery, and other top of the range features.

Blackberry Priv

Best enterprise smartphone

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The first Blackberry handset with Android OS is one of the best business smartphones consumers can get their hands on, with its impressive security features that beat other devices on this list. The mobile company has been known to produce top-of-the-line business mobile devices, the release of a more powerful and consumer-centric gadgets forced Blackberry to drop their own OS and adopt Android. Although the handset is pricier than its competition at $349, the business-related features on this device have been highlighted by several tech websites. Blackberry retained a number of their popular features, such as the default encryption and the content transfer app, while adopting built-in Android apps. The Priv is also said to be the first mainstream Android smartphone to receive monthly security updates and enterprise-managed updates. And, yes, the smartphone comes with its own keyboard.

Galaxy S7 Edge

Best enterprise smartphone

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While the physical design remains the same as with the Galaxy S6, there are plenty of upgrades that Samsung ensured would be present on their latest flagship offering a lot more than its predecessor. The Galaxy S7, dubbed “the phone to beat” by CNET deserves to be included in this list because Samsung packed this smartphone with plenty of features ideal for business users, such as the improved hardware, expandable storage, bigger battery, and Knox system by default. The Knox is Samsung’s own mobile device management that offers military-grade and multi-layered security. The improved curved design also offers additional space to use (two rows of app shortcuts).

Lenovo K80M

Best enterprise smartphone

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An impressive business smartphone that offers a great value for money, the Lenovo K80M deserves to be in the list of the top smartphones for enterprises. The handset comes with an Intel Atom Z3560 CPU, a quad-core processor that performs similar to PCs with its 64-bit processing power. It also comes with a larger 64GB storage supported by a 4GB RAM for high-performance. The Lenovo K80M is an impressive Android handset with all the great features business users would want in a mobile device, including a longer battery life.


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