Blackberry application signing, OTA (Over The Air) donwload to mobile

I’ve just finished my BB application. But I forgot how to prepare correctly .jad file for download application Over The Air directly from BlackBerry browser. As there are quite a lot of different questions regarding this on blackberry forums, I decided to write here some notes for Alex Kutsko in future :).

  1. JDE is not updating correctly .jad file after clicking Build All, so better to remove .jad to prepare new one with correct size of the inner .cod files before “Build All” for OTA.
  2. Sign .cod files with the signature keys.
  3. If you have several JDE installed and signature keys only for one installation, you can easily copy the data from your generated private keys into bin directory of each JDE, and signature tool will work correctly fro every JDE (so you can initialize signature from your JDE directly). Another method is to made extention assotiation in TotalCommander (or within Windows itself) to the correct path to the Signature tool.
  4. After you sign the .cod file – call UpdateJad.exe against your .jad – this will correct inner .cod files sizes in your .jad . NOTE: the main .cod file can have different size in compare with what you have in .jad file, this is because it contains signature.
  5. On the server you need to have extracted .cod files (main .cod file is the zip file itself, so unzip it and put all .cod files on server into the same directory where .jad file located)

By doing all this, you’ll have a build on the server, that anybody can download from his Blackberry browser without any problems