Developing an Online Banking Solution for BSB Bank

Last week BSB Bank has launched its own version of online banking. Before the solution was rolled out, the bank drastically changed its website design, thus, the team from SoftTeco put in all the effort needed to create an online banking solution that would match the new website design and the mobile app.

The developed solution features a user friendly interface over the background of Swiss alps. The same background accompanies users throughout every page of the website, yet doesn’t tire the eye.

bsb logo

In terms of functionality, the new online bank has all the features of modern digital banking and more. The solution lets users add any debit or credit cards issued by the bank to their account, rename them anyway they like and a pick a default one. Everything is done from within the main screen. Here you can also view account statements, disable a lost or stolen card, re-enable it if found, make an account hidden, transfer money to other accounts, access recent or most popular payments and search all payments database by company name or account number. Other features are accessible through a side menu. Despite the extensive functionality of the main page it does not seem overloaded, navigating it is easy and intuitive, every action is followed by a brief animation highlighting the next logical step.

For banks’ modern customer, cheap financial services are no longer the sole criterion for choosing their financial service provider, a consistent and high quality digital banking experience is becoming just as important. Because of this, banks that deem it important to keep up with today’s consumer make sure they provide extensive online and mobile banking services. While these service channels are most cost effective, the amount of money being invested in enhancing them keeps increasing, as banks anticipate them becoming a key competitive factor.

BSB Bank has made an important step from using a third party online banking service towards its own solution with extended functionality and modern design. Besides all the features and benefits listed above, the banks’ clients will have access to the online banking and all of its functions for no extra charge. Additionality, we expect that the customer support will become a lot more comprehensive and responsive as it will no longer be provided by a third party but by the bank itself.

BSB Online

The main page of BSB Bank’s new online banking solution

SoftTeco is glad it was given a chance to develop a unique online banking solution for one of its partners, providing its clients with a digital banking experience unmatched by any other solution on the market.