How to Collect the Best Client Reviews for Apps Development company

How to collect the best client reviews for apps development company

Online B2B reviews has recently become a major drive for many prospects in a software industry. According to Capterra, 2/3 software customers admit that reading reviews significantly affect final purchasing decision. Honest and competent comments on various platforms can become a great sales channel. When it’s about choosing a vendor, people rely on opinion of others, who have already worked with the company being considered.

Let’s find out how to collect great reviews and use online testimonials to convert potential clients into real customers.

Simply ask

Simply ask

Without reminder, don’t expect many of your customers to leave sincere comments saying how great you are. Decision makers are busy and may simply forget to do so. Identify the client you are in good relationship with and ask to write a review about your cooperation. Let the customers take their time. In case, getting feedback takes forever, use some tenacity, but don’t be intrusive.

Make it clear

When asking for feedback ― via email or in person, make the process simple and fast for your partners. Give the names of the platforms and social networks where you want the reviews, e.g.

If there are noteworthy facts about an app, don’t hesitate to ask about mentioning them. Send your reviewers direct links to where to write. Once they are ready, they can start evaluating your app development team in one click.

Differentiate reviews

Every mobile app laboratory loves mentioning big names they’ve been working with. But it’s not necessary a win. Staying focused on getting reviews from large corporations may frighten off prospective small and medium-sized businesses. Let every satisfied customer advocate for you ― whether it’s a key player or a one person company.

Involve every employee

Asking for reviews shouldn’t be marketing or sales specialists prerogative. Encourage every department within your software development company to ask for reviews. B2B customers advocate online more willingly, when asked by someone they interact with on a daily basis ― PMs, team leads or business analysts.

Deal with pros and cons

Deal with pros and cons

Due to fierce competition among the mobile app developers, companies really appreciate positive reviews. But clients come different. There is always someone who leaves negative comments. Know how to reply to reviews like that and use the feedback to improve. Missed deadlines, poor customer support or a simple misunderstanding ― things like that happen. A positive review doesn’t have to be mawkish, does it?

What to do exactly with the collected feedback is up to you. Place testimonials on your website to show visitors how trustworthy your company is. Create case studies supported by top management positive reviews to demonstrate your level of proficiency. Share beneficent reviews on LinkedIn to get more business inquires.

Eventually, it’s all about growing your business. So why not let satisfied customers become your online advocates?