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Gesture Detection With Smartphone Gyroscope

Gesture Detection With Smartphone Gyroscope

This article focuses on a specific issue – symbol/motion detection inside mobile applications. The application area of this technology is quite broad – starting from fitness apps like step counter (pedometers)/count swimming intensity for specific watches and measuring other activities. Also the application area can be other than sport and fitness. For example, tracking driver activity (how many turns he is doing) or automatic recognition of sign language. The entry point for me was to find a correct technology. I…

Top 6 Automated QA tools for Mobile App Testing

Top 6 Automated  QA tools for Mobile App Testing

As the need for more complex applications increases software development practices change along with them which means the tools to test and manage them change as well. In mobile app development, one of the biggest concerns for developers is ensuring the app operates without any bugs or glaring flaws which makes application testing an incredibly important part. In most cases, there just isn’t time for developers to manually check every single thing about the app during the testing process which…

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