Enterprise Development Trends: Big Data, 3D Visualization, Chatbots

The world is changing very fast and business management technology needs to change to meet all on-going managerial needs. Next years promise to bring even more awesome apps to the market, while the old once are going to be updated. There are few key areas for the apps to be improved significantly. Business solutions are eager to be lightweight, easy to use and going to have much friendlier UX.

 AI and Machine Learning

Exploring customer preferences is a long and time-consuming procedure. At the same time, business data processing usually takes a lot of time. And the build-in Machine Learning can solve this problem by taking care of finding patterns in a way human couldn’t possibly do. As a result, it might provide more sales for companies through the processes acceleration and live data operations. Nowadays analytics with Machine Learning is gaining top positions and appears to be extremely useful in frames of Business Intelligence and Enterprise solutions. It can also help companies become more competitive in the market.

AR and its place in the Business World

Now, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies are mostly used in the gaming industry. However, they provide a greater value when applied in business and enterprise apps.

With AR the data presented in business meetings will not be shown only through the graphs and 2D images, but it will be presented in the innovate 3D format. Real-time data will be presented with the help of 3D structures and graphs, creating space for managers’ creativity. It will be possible to hold presentations using a personal smartphone.

Chatbots in Business

The popularity of chatbots on websites and in messengers is increasing. They help to save customer time and get insights on client preferences. Nowadays it has already been implemented in the mobile sector of the market. At the beginning of this year, the chatbots were responsible for only 13% of sales but next year percent will be a lot higher and it is expected to hit 40%.

Cloud based Enterprise Apps

More CRM, ERP, and other enterprise systems are bound to be stored in the cloud and operated remotely. More convenience comes with software hosted in the cloud: it provides scalability, easy access, physical clutter reduction and price optimization. All the above-mentioned helps entrepreneurs modernize operational processes and save money.

To conclude, it seems that 2018 has already established new trends on the market. Cost-effective and time-saving solutions such as AI, chatbots, 3D visualization, cloud-hosted apps have already been set up. These tools imply profit to companies who have been using them.

In case you would like to modernize your business with the innovate technologies, our team is always ready to consult you on solutions that could fit your company best.