What to Expect from the Upcoming iOS 12

Recently, Apple announced the impending release of iOS 12 to replace the critically acclaimed iOS 11 on devices from iPhone 5s and iPad Air. Naturally, system updates come with enhanced performance and functionality features and from the beta version (which, by the way, came complete with native iOS apps), it’s fair to say that the forthcoming update is set to be a game-changer in the smartphone and mobile app development industries.

Here are some of the key features to expect:

  1. Enhanced Performance

The new OS will significantly improve the speed and efficiency at which your device performs every function. All apps, mainly the native iOS apps will launch up to 40% faster, and tasks such as swiping to the camera from a locked screen will take up to 50% less time. Notification management will also be easier as the update allows you to group notifications according to app, whether hybrid or native iOS app and finally be free from the current overwhelming screen. It will also be possible to FaceTime with 32 people at once through video or audio. Quite a bit of progress in the mobile app development circles.

  1. Augmented Reality (AR) Mods

Since Apple introduced the ARKit mobile app development system in June 2017, users across a range of devices have enjoyed revolutionary AR apps, notably popular native iOS apps like IKEA virtual furnishing app and AR Runner. iOS 12 goes one better with the more dynamic mobile app development framework, ARKit 2 containing native iOS apps like Measure, which allows users to measure sizes of real objects using the camera function. ARKit 2 will also provide object recognition functionality as well as Face Tracking which detects facial activity when taking pics. What’s more, the new Scene Reflection feature enables you to fit virtual images to real-world situations through your camera.

  1. Privacy Changes

User privacy is arguably the biggest concern in the web and mobile app development scenes. The flagship privacy feature in iOS 12 is Do Not Disturb, a native iOS app that shuts out notifications from your screen when you’re sleeping or just not in the mood. There are also major improvements in privacy and data security on the Safari browser, one of the most popular native iOS apps.

A new feature called Enhanced Tracking Prevention makes it difficult for websites, government agencies and snoopy people to track your online movements by hiding crucial snippets of your browsing and device data. Safari 12 will also come with an option to disable the tracking codes that Facebook, Twitter and other social sites and even some native iOS apps use to track your actions and movements such as when you like or comment on a photo or story. Hence, it will be difficult for anyone to personally identify your device which will undoubtedly fill you with confidence as you go on with your online business. Beyond this update, this feature will revolutionize how the mobile app development world understands user privacy and hopefully we will see more secure hybrid and native iOS apps in the future.

  1. Screen Time Features

Among the key features of iOS 12 are the various Screen Time management tools to help you track and manage the time you spend on your device screen. New features include Activity Reports, which show you how much time you spend on every single activity and App Limits which helps you avoid spending too much time on native and non-native iOS apps such as Instagram or Snapchat by switching them off when the set time expires.

There will also be changes in the way notifications are delivered with less important ones being delivered “quietly” to a Notification Center. Additionally, users will have an option to receive Group Notifications for related native iOS apps which considerably reduces Screen Time especially when you receive lots of notifications.

The features mentioned above are not the only ones to look for in the new Apple OS update. Others notable functions include:

  • Intelligent Search Suggestions for Pics (with multiple keyword and place searches). Also smarter APIs for enhanced mobile app development.
  • Enhanced photo importing.
  • Improved Portrait Lighting for even better selfies. Also includes Portrait Segmentation API for better mobile app development.
  • Much improved, smarter version of Siri as well as other native iOS apps like Camera+.
  • Updated Apple Store for best native iOS apps.
  • Password Sharing features including better mobile app development.
  • Enhanced mobile app development kits.
  • Smarter native iOS navigation apps such as CarPlay and TripCase. Also included is an API for optimized mobile app development.