First Erlang CMS

Maybe I’m wrong about first. But at least first that I tried and that easily started up and works 🙂 .

The name is “Zotonic”. Authors are quite famous – Marc Worrell , Tim Bennings (

What is surprising in this CMS is if you have already installed erlang and postgresql, it really works from just starting ./ script, as it is uses inets internal erlang web-server (to be honest you still need to put password and user of your postgresql database into config file before starting up). Another good thing that it contains some AJAX inside, and erlang implementation of Django as well.

There is not a lot of modes to be a professional CMS, but it contains the most necessary (menu, articles, emailer, mailing list, sitemap, oatuh, broadcast, video embedded, SEO modes, SEO for google..) and quite good admin’s modes.
Also base mode has quite a lot of validators, actions, etc things, that could be quite usual for CMS in other languages, but not in Erlang 🙂 .
I’ll try to look into the source code as well, but for the moment it leaves me with an impression of something quite “simple that works” as in their slogan. So I’m qutie happy about it.

Links: – website of Zotonic CMS