Getting Started

SoftTeco is a young growing offshore software development company, based in Minsk, Belarus.

We develop applications of different sizes, from mobile to enterprise-scale solutions. Every day we encounter issues we need to solve. The purpose of this blog is to share these “everyday issues” not only within our team, but also with others, who may be interested in the given topics. We would be glad, if our posts deserve your attention, or even make you write some independent comments and share your judgments to our solutions.

Here are some preliminary remarks, which I think need to be made, before we start our blog. When we began working as a team, we planned to concentrate on one technology and provide professional services in this single domain. But some time later we understood, that in modern technology world, in order to deliver successful applications, one needs the knowledge of several mutually complementary technologies.

As for me, I am a Java guy. Java is a perfect language for building applications of every kind. On the other hand, it is not that suitable for creating quick applications’ prototypes, where it is more advisable to use scripting languages like Python or Ruby. Another example: for creating modern web applications, which are reach in visual effects, it is best of all to use libraries, based on JavaScript, e.g. jQuery or GWT (here again Java :-)). And finally for high load systems that require a lot of concurrent threads and powerful fault tolerance, there most probably would be another technology choice – Erlang.

To draw an analogy to the above said – a craftsman using only a hammer as a working tool is unlikely to succeed in creating the completed valuable work piece, the same with a software engineer specializing only in one technology.
In this blog we will write about the technologies we make broad use of when working on our projects. These are: Java, Erlang, Python, iPhone and Android SDK. To view the full list of our technology expertise, you are welcome to visit our website at

So we are getting started 🙂