How Mobile Apps Contribute to the Retail Business

As the world going mobile users spend more time on apps. Mobile app in e-commerce has proved itself as a must-have tool for increasing sales and driving more customers. Following the constituent growth of mobile shopping experience more and more retailers launch their firm apps. Those who’ve already introduced it continue to invest millions to expand it with new features.
Mobile apps from famous retail brands have over 50 mlns downloads. The top retail apps and websites combined — Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Target and Walmart – reported to reach nearly 60 % of smartphone owners with about 30%  reached though mobile app.

What major value can mobile apps bring to retail business?

Improve shopping experience

Users tend to place high expectations on app as a shopping tool.  Apps are seen to be easier and faster to browse in comparison to mobile web sites. They allow improving shopping experience by providing more convenient way to search for relevant goods, shops, directions, better prices, ease of payment, etc. 

Advantage of pure mobile features

Many retailers are still satisfied with their mobile web site as the major customer-driving tool. But those who decide to stand out with a mobile app can benefit a number of pure mobile features. 
It includes push notifications based on location, augmented reality, GPS, bar codes, contacts, camera phone, social network integration with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

The ease of accessibility

Almost all mobile shopping apps are available on several languages. Almost all of them offer flexible payment options. Almost all of them allow accessing some information offline. And many of them just with one click allow making quick purchases and can store your personal details and payment information.

Raising loyalty of existing customers

Push notifications can be very helpful as many users chose mobile app because they would like to be informed on new products, special offers and promotions.
It’s also useful to have ‘News’ or ‘Company’ section and keep your customers updated about major events, new product arrivals, store openings, discounts, etc. Such features raise people’s loyalty both to the app and to the company brand.

Targeted sales and marketing

Basing on the marketing researches of the target audience, its shopping behavior, preferences and needs, the app can show the relevant information to every user. With the power of mobile tools it can be easily implemented in any app. Targeted platform choice, notifications, relevant advertising is what helps app to increase sales.
Before launching an app, every retailer should define its aims. Basing on it the development partner can define and advise on the features which should be implemented in order to reach them. A good app development strategy will help to get the maximum value from the app whether it’s a simple product catalog or highly functional app with sophisticated technologies.
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