How to avoid some problems when adding RegexKitLite to iOS 5.0 project.

Hello everybody!
Recently I encountered with a problem. I need to add RegexKitLite lib to my project for iOS 5.0.
It is just RegexKitLite.h and RegexKitLite.m files that I added as all others. But after this I got some ARC
errors like “error: cast of C pointer type ‘CFTypeRef’ (aka ‘const void *’) to Objective-C pointer type ‘id’ requires a bridged cast”. Even after adding “-fno-objc-arc” option to RegexKitLite.m file in “Build Phases”
section I can’t compile the project.
Finally I found out solution. It seems very strange but it works for me.
I select project in XCode navigator and then for project/info and target/summary I cleared iOS deployment targets. It allows me to build and launch application.

After compilation you can set Deployment targets again.
Best wishes,