Improvement of building process

We have one big project. And as all big projects it’s build takes long time – it is the problem, because it is wasting time 🙁

First some words about project architecture. It is based on Java EE 5 (we use EJB, JPA, JMS, etc.) and we use GWT for building rich user interface. Also, for static pages, we use Magnolia CMS. And as result building of it is not quick.

After some analysis I found obvious. At the same time developers are working either on a user interface or over the business logic and therefore we can also divide building process.

So we configured 3 profiles for maven:
* all – for building application ear with all modules – usually it is used for installing application on test or production servers;
* beans – for building application ear with business logic modules and it is used for development;
* ui – for building war with user interface and it is used for development.

And as result we can apply changes in business logic much quicker than earlier. For debuging of user interface (GWT) is better to run GWT module in hosted mode.