Interesting Java-related links for July 1 – July 7

  1. – interesting usage of ASM framework designed for bytecode manipulations
  2. Seems like a basic tutorial but it contains hidden gems I’ve never used: Arrays#binarySearch, Arrays#copyOf, Arrays#copyOfRange, Arrays#deepToString
  3. – questionable ability to embed tests right into the code. Still shows how cool Groovy is.
  4. – going deeper into GC
  5. – not long ago Oracle decided to support just three previous JDK versions. Hopefully it will help to develop Java in a more dynamic manner.
  6. – continuation of topic on Android internals. Incredibly interesting.
  7. – the long waited mail about releasing Linux Kernel 3.10.  Finally the card reader on my new shiny Dell Inspiron will work.
  8. – Useful reading to understand where JVM memory could go.
  9. – still don’t get an idea of doing development in Cloud
  10. – Two way bridge between Java and .NET via JNI. Looks interesting.
  11. – Oracle is removing deprecated method from JDK. Why not?
  12. – basic overview of algorithms and data structures in Java