Interesting Java-related links for July 29 – August 11, 2013


  1. – some light on the JavaDB which comes bundled in the Oracle JDK
  2. – small description of a nice database migration tool called Liquibase. Moving to this tool on one of the projects for evaluation.
  3. – interesting point on configuring Maven
  4. – personally I really find strong reasons to love and too weak reasons to hate JDK8.
  5. – I find release of Android 4.3 pretty dull from the development point of view.
  6. – worth reading report on the JIT importance
  7. – hidden gems on the JDK
  8. – description of common SQL mistakes. Didn’t find anything particular new. However made me thinking about using db agnostic JPA, Hibernate and other ORM vs using all specific sweet things which the exact RDBMS provides.
  9. – basics on how to use MongoDB from Java. Basically you’re working with maps having string keys. After the first acquaintance about a year ago I still¬†¬† can’t imagine of how it can work on more or less big projects. You loose static type checking, no annotations. I think having something similar like we have in JPA would be a great help here.
  10. – must read for junior developers. Nothing new if you’ve been using generics for several years already.
  11. – descriptions of best practices on exception handling which need to be learned as basics of Java. But why the hell I still find empty catch blocks in the code from experienced Java developers?
  12. – interesting discussion on low latency Java applications
  13. – Groovy is just a magic language
  14. – nice idea. Definitely willing to play with this one.
  15. – worth reading article on different ways to serialize Java objects
  16. – interesting library which provides superfast collections of primitives in Java.
  17. (Russian) – worth reading if you’re using Struts in production.
P.S. The next compilation of the interesting Java related links will appear in the mid-September.