Interesting Java-related links for May 27 – June 2

  1. Description of the new Android Studio. For now it’s just unusable for our existing projects. Too much pain and issues to migrate there. All of the issues definitely deserve a special blog post.
  2. Seems very interesting. A sort of Java response to Node.js
  3. Life can be painful when developing for Google App Engine. Just bring more light into it with Gaelyk.
  4. An interesting approach to share data between processes in Java. I totally forgot about it after doing one if the first development tasks in the university. It was exactly to do memory file mapping by using WinAPI calls.
  5. A pretty interesting series of posts which describe ARM architecture from the virtualization point of view.
  6. Definitely a must-read for newbie Grails developers like me.
  7. An introduction into JavaEE CDI 
  8. A new version of EclipseLink, former known as TopLink. Currently we use 1.x version on one of our projects which has a bunch of limitations. And every time you seek for a way to address these you see that it’s fixed in 2.x.
  9. A basic description of the libraries which can be used to send Android/iOS push notifications. Personally I used just java-apns and it seemed pretty stable to me. Almost all of the problems we saw when using it were related to Apple rather than the library itself.
  10. cool page on how to bring aspect oriented programming to Android.
  11. An interesting attempt to create a simple office suite based on the NetBeans platform. For me it looks like a “just for fun” project. While anyone could read and play with the tool.
  12. Basics on parsing XML in Java