Interesting Java-related links. September 16 – September 29 2013

  1. – sweet stuff. Lambdas in JDK7. Still pretty much unusable because of the lack of static type validation during compilation. I’d rather move to Groovy for something like this.
  2. – collection of established practices for Java with code snippets and explanations on why these are good.
  3. – the latest early draft spec for Java SE 8.
  4. – article on tuning G1 garbage collector
  5. – a small tip for Groovy 2.x users
  6. (Russian) – how to make your SQLite instructions much faster on Android? Just move to the NDK level.
  7. – sometimes it’s useful to recheck your basic knowledge with the questionnaire like this
  8. –  useful reading on the ways to tune G1 garbage collection
  9. – a useful article o how to test REST methods
  10. – a list of interesting technologies to put hands on. Interestingly all of this are in my list for this year.
  11. – an introduction into multi tenancy feature of Java