Interesting Java-related links. September 9 – September 15 2013

  1. – how cool this library is! It allows you to create SQL queries on the fly and still having compile-time validations. And it knows about different RDBMS dialects. Can’t wait to put my hands on it on some real project.
  2. – sweet stuff in the new PostgreSQL release: materialized views, lateral subqueries, faster pg_dump
  3. – a small project to test multi-threaded code
  4. – a new release 2.3.0 of the beloved Grails framework is there
  5., – a new update 40 for JDK 7. Tremendous list of the fixed issues.
  6. – JDK 8 release is closer and closer. Developer preview stage was reached.
  7. – an article from Oracle which describes new things in JMS 2.0
  8. – description of various techniques to serialize objects in Java to XML/JSON and speed comparison for these.
  9. – a new 3.8.0 release of SQLite.
  10. – detailed description of the Optional class behaviour from JDK8
  11. – a small introduction into Erlang and comparison with Java.
  12. – Java library to work with JSON from Google.
  13. – A new 1.4.0 release of Griffon. It shares concepts with Grails but aimed towards the desktop development. I wish I had a chance to put my hands on it on some real project.
  14. (Russian) – Tizen SDK overview. For me Tizen is not just an interesting Linux based OS but also a vivid proof of the Linux and open-source power.
  15. – some goodness for Android development from Samsung