How to Make your Way in Android App Development

Comparing mobile operation systems and custom mobile apps development services

With more than 80% of global market share, Android is one of the predominant mobile operating systems, which runs billions of apps on phones, tablets and smart devices.

Among other reasons of such popularity is that Android devices are designed to fit every taste and budget. Some of the users do not even take the trouble to know what OS their phones run. While buying an up-to-date gadget, you will discover already installed apps that accommodated for convenient usage. Still, not all pre-installed applications are the best choice for executing a specific task. These applications are useful for doing things like playing media, messaging, skimming, and so on. Along these lines, in the event that you need to extend the ability of your gadget, you need to include a few new applications into your smartphone.

Choosing developers

When you have chosen to develop Android application, your next step will be to contract Android engineers to appreciate all the developing benefits for Android.

So, why Android developers think this platform is a favored one to create software?

  • Owned by Google, it underpins all developing undertakings
  • Developers ought to get extraordinary backing by the large group of designers and software engineers if the need for such arises.
  • Providing favored quality and presentation to an application because of its Linux based working framework
  • Ability to minimize time and costs during the development stage.

In case you are contracting unexperienced developers only to reduce costs, you need to be ready that the quality of execution of the end product will fall short from your original vision. In case you are contracting for individual use or business use, it is invaluable to get experienced engineers that have worked within various industries.

One of the best lines of reasoning behind embracing Android app development is that it runs on more smartphone devices than any other platform. So if you are looking to get the most out of your distribution channels at the launch time, the Android platform will give you the best exposure. On the contrary, if you want to start slow and get some feedback before entering the market en mass, you might want to avoid Android at first and start with a less popular platform. Of course, this can vary across different regions and demographics.

Methods and tools for developing custom mobile app

Being an Android developer is a rewarding, though a very challenging job. One need to acquire a descent technical knowledge base in order to become outstanding Android developer.

You can always have development classes using such e-learning platform as Udemy, Codecademy, Khan Academy, MIT OpenCourseware, Coursera, Codepath, Udacity and learn how to code for free. These organizations are a good way to spend free time productively. Do not be too hopeful, you will also need an idea upon which to act.

However, if you are truly serious about developing apps, that won’t be enough. Some of the special technical skills are:

Knowing APIs: A ton of applications today have a system-based component making it vital to work with various application program interfaces (APIs). It is invaluable to be able to work with different APIs as it expands your choices for advancement and development.

Developer needs to know well integrated development environments (IDE) such as Eclipse and Android Studio. Basically, their default structure is a source code editor, build automation software and a debugging tool. Eclipse will also have intelligent code completion.

Back-end: Backend expertise may incorporate database management, protection, hardware interaction and memory designation execution. Familiarity with these zones is an unquestionable requirement. Mobile backend as a service usually supplies tools for the analysis, push notifications, integration with social networks (FB, Twitter), file storage and its sharing, chat, messaging.

Open source frameworks help to create native, hybrid, mobile web apps on different platforms.

Among popular frameworks are:

–              Appcelerator (both MBaaS and mobile app development platform)

–              Parse (note! this is shutting down)

–              Kinvey

Why it is better to use cross platform software:

–              Xamarin

–              Apache Cordova (formerly PhoneGap) – cloud based app development

–              Sencha user interface (UI) JS library for developing UI for mobile web apps

–              SAP

–     – cloud based mobile app development platform

–              Marmalade SDK – cross platform development C++ SDK

Android SDK: Android Software Development Kit incorporates an extensive arrangement of devices to make applications for the Android OS. This makes it imperative for application designers to be knowledgeable of the Android SDK. One ought to likewise be skillful in working the debugger in IDE to have the capacity to investigate any bugs in the lines of code.

Here are some arguments to support the usage of tools above in the development process:

  • Code Is Reusable: Rather than writing a particular action or order for every platform, you can simply compose the code once and afterward reuse those bits in later projects or on other platforms.
  • Lessened Development Costs: This is maybe the greatest point of interest since it permits organizations or brands to get an application onto different stages without investing in a group of engineers.
  • Simple Deployment: Deploying and gathering applications is much speedier in a cross-platform situation. This is particularly valid with a significant number of the new cloud-based tools that different structures are beginning to push out.

Languages: Knowledge of HTML and CSS will help an engineer to choose the positioning of different segments, choosing colors, quick loading and operation of the application. XML, however is essential and genuinely straightforward. It is easy to learn fast. One will require it for design purposes.

Why choose SoftTeco as your Android development company?

SoftTeco as a custom mobile app development company, has developed dozens of Android apps of different types, sizes and for different purposes, be those banking apps, mobile games, directories and etc. Besides the high level of our Android developers’ technical competency, SoftTeco main advantage as an Android development company is its flexibility and creativity when it comes to creating apps that will stand out among millions of others on the Play Store.

With so many Android devices on the market right now, boutique and other small development companies are struggling with releasing and testing Android applications for all popular devices within the timeframe. Thanks to SoftTeco’s large and experienced Android department we make sure that the apps we develop work on all popular Android devices and your app does not end up missing out on any share of users regardless of devices they are using.

In 2015, SoftTeco was included in the Top Ten Android Development Companies by thanks to outstanding reviews provided by our clients and its market presence. One of the key components in making our clients happy is the continues support for their apps, making sure they keep users engaged and look absolute best on most recent Android OS versions.

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