How to start mobile app design?

Mobile app design

This article will walk you through the basics you need to know before going deeper into mobile app design.

How to design a mobile app

Get the full image of the client’s idea

More often customers will not let you know what they need. It’s up to you to ask them. They need to know that their need will be satisfied the way they pictured it, yet they may experience considerable difficulties in how they see their future app. The most ideal approach for overcoming this issue is to create a question list. You need to discover the state of mind they are currently at, what they like and what they do not.
For availability reasons and convenience, we recommend you set up your list on Google Drive Forms. Since the customer has filled your form, you can send your proposition, and settle your formal concurrence on spending plan, time frames, defining stages.
Customer, in this case, before hiring the designer should prepare the so-called guideline. There must be included all the algorithms of program’s interaction with a user coherent to the developers and the designers.


Take into consideration users’ habits

A good application design is not just about perfect UI configuration; it’s also about considering what operation styles will be most useful for clients. If you think that most clients lean towards a certain mode when utilizing their phones, you might be wrong and sometimes even the most uncomfortable in your view ways to work are the most appropriate for some portion of users. Having such a logic about every one of these issues can assist you with avoiding touch blind focuses in your application, and lead to better interface. Probably one would never think to consider adding another setting choice to permit clients to flip between left-handed mode and right-handed mode. Notice to have design versions for different resolutions of screens. Reading this – you will be an exception.


Regardless of which approach you decide to wireframe, you will discover that wireframing is an essential part of the whole work process. Start sketching and map out your time.
For whatever length of time that you give your customer a visual structure from the earliest starting point, any talk or misconceptions that may happen amid your project extension can be understood by alluding back to the wireframe. You will show an expert picture to your customer.
At this part all you need is a sketchbook and a pencil. Even if you not sure about the concept, do not worry, draw a line or a circle and we assure that you will not have to wait too long for imagination to kick in.
Some clients think that a sketchy sort of wireframes are easier to understand, demonstrating continuous control over the components and arrangements.
Actually, drawing on paper is substantially more valuable since we concentrate just on the thought and the issue to be tackled, without falling into the trap of considering outline subtle elements, or if nothing else not in that first stage.
Additionally, by beginning with wireframes, you’ll be considerably more sure when you really open your sketch-book and begin planning.

Mobile first

Start designing for smaller screens first. This is a widely popular methodology to utilize. Regardless of the fact that your application will eventually run on both phones and tablets, starting with smaller phones is a good tactic because when you start with large screens, you will find it harder and harder to fit all the elements on the screen as you are going down the screen size scale.

Prototyping part

To get closer to creating your future application you need to arrive to a final prototype after completing all the previous steps. Thus, via Photoshop or web frameworks you will get a prototype that shows the real picture of the app.
Usability testing is the most ideal approach to see how potential clients will interact with your application.
Now, you should have an idea of how your app design process will take shape and have less opportunities to get misdirected on the way to transforming your idea into a great app.