Mobile Healthcare Startups: Promising Technologies

Mobile health refers to the employment of wireless technologies like mobile phones for the purposes of medical care using the web. It is most commonly used in educating customers about preventive healthcare measures, and also employed in the monitoring of diseases, support, treatment, managing chronic diseases and tracking epidemic outbreaks. Startups are innovating new platforms that can function using mobile technologies across several categories, including the management of diabetes, mental health and pharmacy delivery.

With emergency rooms being overcrowded, healthcare costs rising, and physicians being overworked, startups are innovating tools that work digitally in order to provide healthcare services at home, preventing unnecessary visits to hospitals. These tools focus on the users’ needs, promoting engagement and ensuring that patients abide by their medical regimens. 

Here are a few of the startups that are really making an impact.

Oxford Heartbeat

This mobile healthcare startup was founded in the year 2016 in London, UK. There is, surprisingly, a great amount of guesswork involved in even the most precise, most delicate surgeries. This is especially the case where it involves the insertion of stents within blood vessels for the purpose of regulating the flow of blood. At the moment, the way that the ideal stent is chosen for patients is subjective, based on sight; no objective method exists. This problem costs the NHS a lot, up to half a billion pounds annually in the way of corrective surgeries. In an attempt to solve this problem, Oxford Heartbeat takes the traditional 2-D medical scans and transforms them into 3-D models representing the cranial blood vessels of patients, allowing surgeons to test the different stent types virtually to find the best fit for their patients. This service, it is hoped, will result in the wastage of fewer stents and also lessen the number of unnecessary operations.

Healthcare solutions

Lysa Health

This mobile healthcare startup was founded in the year 2017 in London, UK. It is app based, a virtual nutritionist helping users keep track of the changes in their diets, providing guidance that pertains to decisions around food. It addresses people’s need to eat healthy, a difficult challenge at the best of times, by serving as a conversational assistant helping users make healthy food choices. Lysa can be used to keep a food diary. All users need to do is message Lysa what they eat for their various meals. The app can be personalized and be used to choose the best dishes out of a restaurant menu. The future hopes for Lysa are that it can be used by larger companies to help in managing the health of employees. It is also hoped that the app will have application for insurance companies.

SWORD Health

This mobile healthcare startup was founded in the year 2014, in Porto, Portugal. It is being used to make physical therapy digital. Right now, physical rehabilitation, for the most part, is delivered in one-to-one sessions by therapists. That, however is not sufficient to satisfy everyone’s needs. Since it isn’t possible to pay for the great numbers of physical therapy hours that are in demand, SWORD Health is being used to reduce the time needed with actual therapists. This mobile healthcare startup tailors physical therapy routines to the patients and delivers it to them in the comfort of their homes. Users’ progress is tracked by motion sensors that can be worn. The system has already been successful in helping 93% of patients improve, in some cases even surpassing one-on-one therapy.

Therapeutic solutions for mental health

Smart Monitor

This mobile healthcare project was founded in the year 2009 in San Jose, California, USA. Smart Monitor combines cloud, mobile and sensor technologies with big-data analytics seamlessly. It is used as wearable technology for people prone to seizures caused by diseases such as epilepsy. Smart Monitor detects abnormal motion, tracks sleep and activity, monitors heartrate, securely accesses event data, and alerts loved ones should a problem arise. It can also be used to summon help when needed and allows people who are prone to seizures to step outside and enjoy normal lives. Smart Monitor solutions are patent protected, enhancing safety and fostering autonomy in patients with health conditions that are chronic. It offers peace of mind to the families who use it and their care providers.

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