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How to calculate how much your enterprise app should cost?

how much should enterprise application development services cost

This article is going to describe the structure of different enterprise applications and average costs needed for the development. Why Are Businesses Going Mobile? Mobile apps are becoming a big deal in the workplace. Many professionals are using mobile apps to get work done. Companies that realize this and take action have a great advantage. While some industries were early adopters of the mobile technology, in other industries applications for this trend are still being discovered. Though it is clear…

Top Smartphones for Enterprise Use

Best enterprise smartphone

To encourage productivity, enterprises have embraced the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) scheme to encourage their employees to work while on the go. Gartner even revealed in research back in 2013 that half of companies globally will start requiring employees to supply their own device for work by 2017. The research even found that mobile devices have been found to offer plenty of benefits to businesses, especially for those with remote and field workers. “The benefits of BYOD include creating new…

Popular iOS Development Instruments

iOS development instruments

Integrated development environments There is a limited number of IDEs to develop for iOS: Apple’s Xcode, AppCode, Xamarin. Xamarin is a cross-platform mobile app development IDE, but you should know C# to start developing with it: it doesn’t support iOS native languages: Objective C and Swift. AppCode is the IDE from JetBrains with Swift and Objective C support, but you should have Xcode installed anyway to work with AppCode. So if you want to start developiung native iOS applications you…

How to Make your Way in Android App Development

Comparing mobile operation systems and custom mobile apps development services

With more than 80% of global market share, Android is one of the predominant mobile operating systems, which runs billions of apps on phones, tablets and smart devices. Among other reasons of such popularity is that Android devices are designed to fit every taste and budget. Some of the users do not even take the trouble to know what OS their phones run. While buying an up-to-date gadget, you will discover already installed apps that accommodated for convenient usage. Still,…

5 Reasons to Use HTML5 for Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development: HTML5

For years, developers have been searching for ways to minimize development efforts and overcome the hurdle of having to create separate apps for each existing mobile platform. HTML5 is a well-known and widely utilized tool for development of mobile and web applications. Alongside with the existing native mobile development SDKs, which enable mobile developers to introduce various changes, cross-platform development tools have proven their efficiency and benefits as an alternative development method. HTML5 is the most popular language used in…

Design: How to start mobile app design?

Mobile app design

This article will walk you through the basics you need to know before going deeper into mobile app design. How to design a mobile app Get the full image of the client’s idea More often customers will not let you know what they need. It’s up to you to ask them. They need to know that their need will be satisfied the way they pictured it, yet they may experience considerable difficulties in how they see their future app. The…

Mobile Applications: What is the Difference between Native and Hybrid Apps?

native and hybrid apps development

Some debates are doomed to go on and on. The Native Vs. Hybrid debate is of the same nature. Upon hearing the question, some people are quick to divide into ardent followers and haters and fiercely defend their point. Several years ago when HTML5 was shyly trying to tell about itself, the discussion already tackled the advantages and drawbacks of the cross-platform approach. Multiple cross-platform tools such as Xamarin or Sencha with the help of well-known scripting languages as JavaScript…

Customize checkbox / radiobutton using css3

Customize checkbox / radiobutton using css3

The topic explaining the way of getting a customized checkbox or radio button without additional Javascript libraries or images is covered.

Best Practices For Secure Enterprise Mobile Communication

Best Practices For Secure Enterprise Mobile Communication

SoftTeco’s own Serge Zenevich (CTO) has published an article on best practices for secure enterprise mobile communication in November’s special issue of CIO Review Magazine. Since the online version made it to the most popular section, we thought we should share it to our blog:   While we hear more and more often about high-profile incidents involving hacked messengers and leaked call recordings, secure enterprise communication is becoming a hot topic in the field of information security. In the business world…

Upcoming Luxury Smartwatches

Upcoming Luxury Smartwatches

At the beginning of 2015 a number of luxury watch brands (most of them are Swiss) had some intriguing announcements about the future launches of their own smartwatches. They may become effective competitors to Apple Watch if they are able to fuse best traditions of Swiss watchmaking with modern smartwatch capabilities. Let’s stick around and see the list of the most interesting smartwatches coming soon.   Tag Heuer Carrera Wearable 01 TAG Heuer, a Swiss manufacturing company, have teamed up…

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