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Top 5 open source JavaScript projects

Top 5 open source JavaScript projects

Today, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. While it was originally used to developing client-side web pages and applications, thanks to its new frameworks it can now effectively develop server-side applications as well. Due to its efficiency in handling scalable and real-time situations, it is being used to develop some of the most anticipated applications online.  To help you stay up to date with the vast amount of JavaScript projects, we’ve done the research…

How to collect the best client reviews for apps development company

How to collect the best client reviews for apps development company

Online B2B reviews has recently become a major drive for many prospects in a software industry. According to Capterra, 2/3 software customers admit that reading reviews significantly affect final purchasing decision. Honest and competent comments on various platforms can become a great sales channel. When it’s about choosing a vendor, people rely on opinion of others, who have already worked with the company being considered. Let’s find out how to collect great reviews and use online testimonials to convert potential…

9 Ways to Pay with a Smartphone

9 Ways to Pay with a Smartphone

Preferring digital wallets is a growing trend among smartphone users. Mobile payments are becoming mainstream in the US, Asia and Europe for a good reason ― customers no longer want to carry their wallets, jammed with credit, debit, loyalty cards, bills and coins. Made to simplify our lives, mobile payment apps allow us to buy groceries in the nearest store or make an urgent money transfer just with our smartphones. But what are digital wallets? These are payment apps storing…

5 Great Apps that Failed

5 Great Apps that Failed

Designing, building and launching an app business from zero can be a risky endeavour. The statistics may not be in app startups failure, but there are reasons for these failures that can be accounted for. Here are 5 notable app failures to help young startups avoid some of the mistakes. 1. Everpix Everpix was a good project. While travelling around Asia, the founder of Everpix Mr. Latour got annoyed with how fast hundreds of pictures became a mess. Looking for…

What is the difference of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS?

Cloud as a service

The fast development of storage, networking and processing capabilities brought a revolutionary way of how computing power is delivered to business. It was made possible thanks to large scale data centers connected to high speed and low-cost broadband networks. Business now gets access to huge amount of data simply by plugging into the wall or connecting through Wi-Fi. More important, demands and expectations are constantly increasing as we start taking fast connection speed and secure access for granted, regardless of…

SoftTeco launches a masterclass series at Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics

Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics

SoftTeco is committed to improving the IT education in its home country. Starting on October 23rd, 2017, it will kick off a series of masterclasses and lectures at the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics. This educational course is geared towards helping undergraduate students start exploring all the modern trends and technologies software developers are working with. This also a great opportunity for SoftTeco’s specialists to share their knowledge and experience. The first masterclass will go over the new…

Landscape of VR/AR development. What kind of development companies specialize in it?

What kind of development companies specialize in VR & AR?

Surreal: the VR & AR Industry Landscape Whether you believe or not that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will become the next mainstream, the industry is in fast-paced growth. The estimated  size of VR software and hardware markets is $40.4 billion by 2020. But there are still many varying opinions on what the future will bring to VR/AR technologies in terms of mass market. Venture capitalists and experts are constantly analyzing technologies, production costs and customer feedback to estimate the…

10 reasons why your small business needs a mobile application

Offer a Quick and Easy Purchase

Mobile devices have become an inalienable part of an everyday life worldwide. An average person is reported to spend around 3 hours a day engaged with portable devices. Obviously, a “mobile” life caused tremendous changes in the way business operates. 10 Reasons for Small Business Owners to Finally Get a Mobile App Despite the widely spread opinion that mobile apps are for big players dealing with CMS development, more and more small business owners already have or consider having tailored…

Blockchain – more than cryptocurrency

Blockchain – more than cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has become one of the most highlighted topics in the last few months. We are talking about things like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and a whole bunch of other new digital currencies. The price of Bitcoin, for example, has risen more than 300% over the last year. It actually doubled in 2017. Etherium made it up by 2000%. Needles to say, there is a lot of excitement about investing in a new type of money, as the global cryptocurrency market…

Java Web Development Service – How to Start Coding in Java

Java web development tools and features

The article to follow is an overview of the basic tools and features of development on the Java platform, including the subtleties of Java development and recommendations for developers to-be. Java is an object oriented programming language aiming to produce compelling, stable and safe applications that keep running over different OSes, such as: Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Java programming language is known to be responsive, versatile, and supportable. Java, like most fields in the technological sphere, has loads…

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