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Advanced logging systems

is always nice to have a good logging system, that will help programmer to understand what happened in case of crash or non proper behaviour. Well, if it crashed it is usually quite easy to find a place where it crashed, but lets assume some part of your system misbehaved that cause misbehaviour of another system. This situation still OK if you can debug your program and know exactly the preconditions. But lets assume you are running the production system,…

Opening report file after generating it

Just a small feature which can save you some time during the report development. When you develop reports you usually have a sort of template to generate report from and some test data to see how the report is generated. Once you’ve generated a report file – you need to look through it if it’s something like PDF. The following java code:

will open the generated file based on the associations of your window system and will save your…

Getting Started

SoftTeco is a young growing offshore software development company, based in Minsk, Belarus. We develop applications of different sizes, from mobile to enterprise-scale solutions. Every day we encounter issues we need to solve. The purpose of this blog is to share these “everyday issues” not only within our team, but also with others, who may be interested in the given topics. We would be glad, if our posts deserve your attention, or even make you write some independent comments and…

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