Presentations and Education. May 20 – May 26

  1. Usually you see some simple demos like this and might even say Wow. The devil is usually in the details when you start implementation of something more difficult. You often get various behaviour with a bunch of nuances for different appserver vendors. Or just simple appserver bugs which might force you to investigate server code rather than writing your own. In any case it ‘s useful to see the directions of J2EE platform movement.
  2. My main problem with MOOC sites like Coursera is the lack of real world development courses. CodeSchool seems to be an interesting option here. At least Git courses caught my eyes. Price is 25$ per month to access all of the available and appearing courses.
  3. Yes, I like what SpringSource does. Groovy, Grails, Gradle. Every time I touch these I can’t believe how much I can do with 10 lines of code. The interesting fact: Magnolia CMS is the Gold sponsor. Expecting more integration with Gr* technologies from them.