Reasons to Have a Mobile-friendly E-commerce Website

With more people having access to the internet and better smartphones, businesses want to harness the power of this target audience. While many brick and mortar businesses have additionally added websites or web stores their marketing strategies, the e-commerce industry has an even stronger connection to mobile and web development.

One of the many reasons e-commerce is thriving is the convenience it offers. It is not just about the comfort of shopping but other benefits as well. In 2017, 71% of shoppers were reported to believe that they will find a better deal online as compared to shopping in high street stores. Additionally, people like having access to shopping from their social media accounts. In the 5 years up to 2017, there had been a 93% growth in online sales through social media.

Web and mobile development play an important role in making e-commerce so popular. As we approach the second half of 2018, the digital trends are only predicted to get smarter. For example, 50% of online searches will be voice-based by 2020. This means that businesses need to upgrade their e-commerce strategies in order to keep up with the pace and access a wider target market.

Millennials and older generations both indulge in the ease of life provided by technology. 67% of millennials shop online rather at a store. Parents, as compared to non-parents, spend 61% more online. All these statistics are only because businesses are investing in not only in better web development but providing access to highly mobile-friendly websites.

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in making your e-commerce website mobile friendly:

Access to a Wider Target Market

Many e-commerce surveys report that over half of the online traffic comes from mobile devices. This means that even if your target market is unique, it is bound to overlap with this statistic. The higher the traffic towards your online platform, the more chances you have of lead generation and improved conversion rates. Therefore, if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you are missing out on a huge opportunity for sales and profit growth.

Average Time Spent Online

Your e-commerce success can be determined by how much time the visitors spend on your website or online store. A large number of people spend most of their time on smartphones. Therefore, they are likely to access your websites through the same devices. If these platforms are not optimized for their devices, they will face trouble navigating, therefore, deciding to leave. On the other hand, mobile-friendly online stores provide enhanced user experiences so there is more traffic. The more time a visitor spends on a particular website page, the higher are the chances to convince them to engage or buy.

Enhanced SEO

Online platforms with better mobile and web development are likely to get the top positions on search engines. This makes it easier for people to find your products and services. It is hard to decode the exact way search engines like Google go about ranking websites. However, Google has repeatedly revealed that more responsive websites are considered for better rankings.

Highly Responsive Websites

With smartphones, it is possible to lead the desktop versions of websites but it takes time on the user end. Additionally, it is likely to eat smartphone battery and mobile data. Obviously, no smartphone user appreciates these elements. E-commerce industry responded with mobile-friendly websites to eliminate these problems. The more optimized your website is, the quicker it will load on customer’s device. It offers the user a seamless experience and develops a repute for the business as well. Otherwise, you risk losing the customer traffic as they can easily switch to other businesses with better online stores.

Affordable Than App Development

While app development is also catching up in the e-commerce industry, not every business is equipped with compatible budgets. Meanwhile, it is much cheaper to create a mobile-friendly version of your traditional website or online store. Therefore, you can enjoy better ROI with mobile development as compared to expensively investing in app development.

68% of companies are investing in mobile development as part of their marketing strategies. Therefore, if your business is not, you are going to inevitably lose the competitive advantage. On a closing note, it is also important to mention that since smartphones are evolving at a steady pace, your e-commerce platform should be compatible as well.