Run Winston on JRE


Start the web-server ‘Winstone’ that will run any web-applications on user’s machine.



During startup the server checks java-home directory, particularly file ‘tools.jar’.

It seems where a problem is? But unfortunately (or luckily) not all users have installed JDK on their computers. And JRE doesn’t have this file.


What should we do in this situation? It is simple.

Download the source code from the web site and open it in any IDE (i prefer IDEA), than find the string ‘tools.jar’. The necessary class is ‘Launcher’, constructor.

What’s next?

Let’s start commenting  the code, which does not allow the server to operate ‘normally’ (method of trials and errors).  I guess it’s not hard work, you should have a patience only.

And what we have after our modifications? The working server.


The server uses tools.jar for compiling applications. But we don’t need this functionality for current task.