Why are Soft Skills Essential for IT Specialist?

Our specialists share their expertise in a number of areas with students: engineering, testing and management. SoftTeco’s Project Manager, Oksana, has shared her notes on soft skills value with students of Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics.

Soft skills – are a highly-professional group of skills which is not connected with a specific job position. It is not the kind of knowledge which is related to coding or testing, and appears to be an essential asset for successful teamwork. Project Managers usually work with groups of 3-8 people and handle projects related to various industries.

Oksana Andreyeva, Project Manager in SoftTeco 

“It’s not enough just to be a good developer and write an effective code. It’s necessary to be a flexible and communicative person, be an excellent team player.” – Oksana says.  Emotional intelligence, business ethics, complex approach to problem-solving and effective interpersonal communication are also important points which should be considered.

The ability to keep emotions under control, investments in self-development and wise balancing are the essentials of PM’s life. Adequate results analysis and regular reflection help to track personal progress and weak points.

The result of Carnegie Foundation & Stanford University Research indicates that success of the companies from the list of Fortune 500, depends 85% on soft skills, and only 15% are related to hard skills. Soft Skills significantly help in career growth. “You can train your coding skills to perform them automatically, but it is exactly good interpersonal skills which will help a developer to grow”- Oksana concludes.