SoftTeco Attends the “Business & Internet” Conference in Minsk, October 9-11 2014

On October 10th, 2014, SoftTeco represented software solutions providers at the 9th annual conference ‘Business & Internet’ in Minsk, Belarus.

Traditionally the conference brings together the entire spectrum of the Internet ecosystem for debate and discussion over the course of its 3-day event. The discussions were carried out in several sections each devoted to a particular field. At this year’s event, attendees could get insight in the latest trends, statistics and speculations in publishing, e-commerce, digital marketing, mobile development and their role in planning effective marketing campaigns.
Although the event was originally aimed at marketing professionals as its primary audience, it was encouraging to see this focus has shifted towards bringing up technology innovations as one of the ways to streamline digital marketing strategy for business sector.
Among those, mobile is expectedly at the forefront.
Speakers have discussed arguable technological aspects of hybrid vs. native approaches to mobile app development, tools for gathering analytical data in mobile applications, successful mobile app monetization models and a variety of other related topics.
One of the presentations was devoted to iBeacon as a revolutionary device in Retail and HoReCa.
With the introduction of iBeacons by Apple in 2013, there has been a growing interest in beacons within the enterprise world, but there is still a long way to go before businesses will realize the full potential of this micro-locational technology. The presentation allowed for further insight into mobile app development with iBeacon technology and the unlimited opportunities it can bring in the enterprise space for both security and productivity.
SoftTeco is betting on beacons as part of its product portfolio, with over 4 months’ development resulting in rolling out to live business scenarios through its newly built division. If you would like to get expert advice on introducing iBeacons and mobile technologies, feel free to get in touch with us and discuss this opportunity.