Top 11 Tech links on Java this week

The tech world has a lot to offer to technology lovers in term of information. The IT mass media abounds with news, articles, blogs, ect. and we decided to try to pick up the most valuable information for you about Java world and not only. We starting are a series of posts selected by our Java expert – Andrey Panasuyk – and here is below this week overview of what you might like to read.


  1. Gradle is a new shining star over built tool horizon. The power of Groovy plus a good integration with Maven and Ant. Definitely a way to go if you’re a curious developer. Actually it looks like Google will use Gradle as the next generation build script system for the Android apps.I noticed some issues when playing with ADT 22 where Gradle support was for Gradle was introduced. However I think that adoption by Google is a really good sign for Gradle community. 
  2. Competition is really good. It’s really nice to see features from Scala and Groovy appearing in Java. Even though streams do not seem to be very practical in my daily job it’s still good to have these in place. 
  3. Good luck to all of the Linux based mobile OS including Firefox OS, Tizen, Ubuntu Touch and SailFish. Looks like we’re coming into the similar situation like we have with Linux desktop: a bunch of distributions with a single format of executable files (ELF -> APK) 
  4. An interesting overview of things in java.until.concurrent. I wish I could play with this on the real world project.
  5. A pretty basic but useful guide for SVN newbies.
  6. Apache POI is one of the most useful Java libraries in my life. I used it for so many time. So why not using it for fun this time? 
  7. Just an interesting article on Ubuntu Touch and Android interactions. Being Android developer and longtime Linux user I can’t just miss it.
  8. A nice short description of some JDK classes which can be used for synchronization from our Ukrainian coalegues.
  9. Good explanation on basics of ThreadLocal.
  10. Introduction into the WebSocket protocol implementation for JavaEE 7. l
  11.  Description of some errors which might happen during object construction. 

Looking forward to the next week with new posts and links. And if we missed something we welcome your links.