Top 6 Automated QA tools for Mobile App Testing

As the need for more complex applications increases software development practices change along with them which means the tools to test and manage them change as well. In mobile app development, one of the biggest concerns for developers is ensuring the app operates without any bugs or glaring flaws which makes application testing an incredibly important part.

In most cases, there just isn’t time for developers to manually check every single thing about the app during the testing process which is where automated testing tools come in the picture. Today, there are more than a few automated mobile testing tools on the market, some free and some expensive, which is why we’re here to help you make an educated choice to determine which mobile app testing services are the right fit for you!


Appium is an open sourced application testing tool that is widely used by developers and testers throughout the world. It’s one of the most popular test automation tools mainly due to the ease of implementations and a wide variety of features and customizations which make it a worthy contender even when compared to the highest priced testing applications in the industry. Another reason for its massive popularity is the fact that it’s a cross-platform automation tool enabling users to run tests on native, mobile web, and hybrid application across iOS and Android platforms.

It’s also compatible with the Safari browser on both IOS and Android devices. Thanks to its status as an open source project, it allows users to implement the test practices, frameworks, and tools they want to work alongside it making it a great choice for anyone that wants to do more customized or targeted testing.

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is yet another free to use powerful automation solution for mobile app testing and web applications. It is built using the Selenium and Appium frameworks while being more accessible to newcomers. It uses the full potential of its integrated software automation to provide users with different levels of testing that are ideal for everyone ranging from beginner to pro.

Katalon Studio helps non-programmers test out their applications by starting an automation testing project using built-in scripts or scripts sourced by other users online while saving time for experienced testers by providing them built-in libraries and maintaining their scripts. It can easily be integrated with a variety of other popular testing applications and provides easy to under reports and metrics via the dashboard.


Squish is application development testing automation that does require a paid membership but it is worth it for those that are looking for testing services that let them test apps without having to jailbreak an android or IOS device. Squish can be used without having to jailbreak your device and offers dedicated support for mobile apps, mobile web apps or a mixture of both!

Using stable object identification methods, Squish can also run on mobile emulators and different devices while providing the same testing environment as a mobile device which can greatly increase the productivity of the debugging process for some applications.


SeeTest is a continuous testing platform by Experitest that is used by many in the industry due to its ability to run continuous testing of mobile and web applications which can drastically speed up the testing phase in the application development process. It can be integrated with industry leading testing automations including Appium and Selenium as well as allowing users to Interact with application in real-time on real mobile devices.

What makes it one of the most used testing services for application development is that with the click of a single button it installs and launches the app testing it simultaneously across multiple browsers and mobile devices making the testing process more efficient than ever before.

TestPlant Eggplant

Eggplant is an image-based automated functional testing tool that allows users to test changes being made to the UI in real time. It also users to test mobile, computer and web applications. As a powerful visual testing tool, it lets users run dynamic tests from the user perspective using advanced image search, image recognition, and text recognition rather than simply relying on code.

The only downside of using Eggplant is that it requires a MAC server for IOS testing and lacks direct object support. Considering it’s completely different from traditional testing tools there are bound to be some tradeoffs for more functionality and ease of access.

TestComplete Mobile

TestComplete Mobile is an essential testing service for mobile app development that allows users to create, manage, and run automated tests for multiple mobile applications. It can automate UI actions or simulate user scenarios to get real-time results from an app as well as allowing users to run UI tests across native or hybrid mobile apps.

This testing service is great for testers that want to see just how well an app will perform when used by actual users on different mobile devices with varying screen sizes, resolutions and features making it one the best tools for mobile app testing.