Ubuntu, streaming radio

Hello Everybody,

Because of I’m ‘windows guy’ I thought it will be very difficult to listen to the online radio in Ubuntu, but I was not right! It is very easy and cool.

If you are enjoying online radio everyday and would like to rip it onto your hard disk, it is super easy to do in Ubuntu with streamripper:

1. ~$ sudo apt-get install streamripper
2. ~$ man streamripper
— How to rip the radio:
The easiest way to get started is to find the URL of a stream you want
to rip, usually I find the URL by loading it up in winamp or xmms and
querying for the source URL (right click on the playlist). Once you
have the URL you can begin ripping. For example:

~$ streamripper

This would rip Monkey Radio (as of 1/10/2001), it places the tracks
into two directory´s one called “Monkey Radio” and a sub-directory
“Monkey Radio/incomplete” the incomplete directory is for tracks that
streamripper does not know the begging or end of. The first and last
tracks your rip for instance, would be in incomplete.
— Very simple, isn’t it? 🙂
— Moreover, you can listen to the music you are currently ripping! And income traffic instead of listening + ripping!
— From manual:
You can listen to the stream while you are ripping by creating a relay
server. This is done by using the -r option.

~$ streamripper -r

When streamripper starts it will display what port it´s relaying the
stream on. It defaults to 8000 but you can choose another port. To
listen to your relay server, open up XMMS or Winamp and enter your
machine name with the port as you would any other stream. For example,
if you are using the default relay stream, you would want to open up
this URL:


However, if you are ripping an ogg stream, you usually need to tell the
player that the stream is ogg, which can be done by appending “.ogg” to
the stream URL.


Similarly, if you want to watch an nsv stream while you rip, you need
to tell the player that the stream is nsv, which can be done by
appending “;stream.nsv” to the URL.


Happy ripping and listening! (:

Best regards,