What to Expect from Angular 7?

With the release of Angular 7 just around the corner, it’s a good time as ever to talk about just what kind of changes it’ll be bringing. Many people are curious just what kind of features and bug fixes Angular 7 will bring which is why we’re here to tell you what to expect from Angular 7.

An Updated Compiler

One of the biggest new features coming with Angular 7 is the updated and improved compiler that is expected to highly reduce bundle sizes. The updated compiler will allow your old bundles to use the Ivy Rendering Engine that should offer a massive reduction in bundle sizes. This directly increases the performance of applications since smaller bundle sizes mean faster download and load speeds resulting in huge performance gains for almost every application.

Easier Mining Incorporation

Angular 7 is going to change the way cryptocurrency miners integrate miners in their application making this an especially essential update for anyone involved in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A new npm package from the Angular team will let developers easily integrate Bitcoin mining into their applications quickly and easily. With the new @angular/mine npm package, it’s safe to say that Angular has officially jumped on the Blockchain bandwagon and embraced cryptocurrencies for good.

Improved Angular Schematics

The new update is looking like it will focus more on improving quality of life which is great for anyone that wants to worry less when using Angular. The new schematics will allow interactive install of dependencies and even when you’re creating new projects. This means that when you start a new project, Angular CLI will ask you whether you want to integrate routing and which stylesheet to use.

Typescript 3.1 Support

Angular 7 will also finally add Typescript 3.1 Support which will bring wide-ranging benefits for anyone that works with Typescript. The full list of advantages which will be delivered with this update is possible to measure only after the release.

Improved Routing System

With the next update, Angular will let users navigate easily to a URL they tried to access or let developers redirect a user to another page. Angular 7 will add UrlSegment[] to the CanLoad Interface that will store the URLs you tried visiting or can be saved for later use. It’ll be especially helpful for developers and it will help save time for everyone involved.

General Bug Fixes

Along with new features, Angular 7 is expected to bring major bug fixes like TView.components will no longer track directive indices, better error handling for @Output, and more.

Overall, Angular 7 is shaping up to a great update but just how well it performs we will recognize only after testing it by the technical community.