Updates in iOS 12.1: Real-time Depth Control, Group FaceTime and more

Apple’s new software update introduces us to iOS 12.1 which comes with some fascinating features that the users have been looking forward to for a while. In this article you will read about the new features like Real-time Camera Depth Control, Group Facetime, eSIM Support and other minor changes along with bug fixes.

iOS 12.1

The new iOS 12.1 version brings a bundle of new things for the users like Camera Depth Control, Group FaceTime, eSIM support, Beautygate fix and a bunch of new emoji. Improvements to the Measure app and various bug fixes are among other smaller changes.

Group FaceTime

With the launch of iOS 12 we were promised Group FaceTime with up to 32 participants. Unfortunately, this feature was delayed by Apple until 30 October.

But, now we have it. You can enjoy calling a group of friends at the same time with up to 32 participants. Software features include silent notifications when calling multiple people, detection of active speakers and integration into messages.

There is a feature that makes a participant’s box resize automatically when they start speaking.

Real-time Depth Control

One of the bigger features that come with the new iOS 12.1 is the option to manually adjust the Depth Control of the camera. This means you can take control of the bokeh effect in real time in portrait mode. You can adjust the background blur to your preference so you can bring out the professional photographer in you. When you are taking photos with the new iPhone XS, XS Max or XR, you will see a button named “f” right on top of the control tray. While having the portrait mode open, press the “f” button and a dial will appear that will let you set the camera depth i.e. background blur in the shot.

Beautygate fix

When the new iPhone XS came out, people found a very strange issue when taking selfies using the Portrait mode of the front camera. Reportedly it made the picture look too beautified and there was no way to turn the feature off. After the issue was mentioned on a YouTube video from Unbox Therapy and many other users, Apple realized the bug in the Smart HDR system on the front cam of iPhone XS which made it choose a longer-exposure frame, making the picture come out much softer than needed. This issue is fixed in the iOS 12.1 update and now the pictures will come out sharper than before.

eSim support

Apple is rolling out the Dual SIM support that comes with the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR with the iOS 12.1 update. While there are many people that might not notice this because most just use a single sim, but those who need or want to use two phone numbers will be able to do so with the new feature. The new feature lets the users have two numbers via the combination of an actual physical SIM with the addition of an embedded SIM, otherwise referred to as “eSIM”, which would let them use another number. You would also need eSIM support from your career to use this feature. Apple has a very easy guide in its support page that helps you get started with this new feature. So if you are looking to use two numbers in a single phone, don’t forget to check it out.

New Emoji

There are some new emoji for the people that love to express themselves in the new update. There are characters with grey hair, red hair, and bald emojis too. More sports and food and more emoji representing animals, according to Apple.

The new features have been long awaited by many users. Users have been looking forward to Group FaceTime since the iOS 12 launch. Users can now get the best camera experience and be even more creative with the new Real-Time Camera Depth control. There have been many Apple users that wished for a dual sim feature on their iPhone and now they can finally have it with the eSIM support. With the exceptional front camera of the iPhone XS it was disappointing to the that the pictures came out too soft, but the iOS 12.1 successfully fixes this issue and now it is pleasing to see the beautifully sharp selfies. 

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