How Web Applications are Developed – a Full Cycle

While coding is without a doubt an essential part of web development, there are multiple behind the scene steps that general public truly doesn’t get to know much about. Whether it’s an enterprise app development or a software development for a small business application, there are multiple steps that need to be followed during the web application development lifecycle. To help you understand how web applications are developed at SoftTeco, we’re bringing you the 5 steps which our team passes through.

1. Gathering Information & Planning

The first stage of any Web development project is the thinking and planning process of the side. It’s in this step we’ll determine how we’ll make the application, what the purpose of the application will be and what the goal will be.  It’s at this point we should have a clear idea what the application will be used for and what kind of people it will be used by. Needless to say, this is a very important phase of the development of any successful web application.

2. GUI & UX Design

Once we have the details of the web application ironed out, we need to think about what the best way to use and present it to other is.  This is the web development phase in which the application starts taking shape. The primary goal of this phase is to represent the information structure and design a user interface that is both simple to use as well as ensuring a smooth user experience. We usually consider getting as much feedback on the design as possible before moving into the coding process to prevent any major changes having to be made during the testing phase.

3. Implementation & Coding

After we have a clear idea regarding the purpose of the application and how it should look as well as interact with users, then it comes down to the actual coding process. This is the phase in which team decides what kind of programming language is better to develop your app in. A deep understanding of application development and clear design to work towards is essential in this stage.

4. Testing & Review

After the software development process, web application enters the testing and launch phase. The web application is put to tests in different testing environments under different conditions operating on different kinds of hardware to ensure wide compatibility and that users don’t run into any bugs or glitches that could impair functionality. After we’ve completed the test plan and passed quality assurance benchmarks, it is time to launch the application.

5. Ongoing Maintenance

Our company will not only help you to launch the product but also provide on-going maintenance for the web application. During the life cycle of an application there are can be multiple issues that require professional help to detect possible problems faced by the end-users. If you intend to keep your web application up to date than having a professional team will help minimize bugs and decrease security risks.