Wikitopdf and Graphviz in Trac

First of all I’d admin that I like Graphviz in Trac quite much. It allows you to create good diagrams and collaboration pictures inside wiki page of the Trac. Wikitopdf plugin, with all it limitations, allows you to export your wiki pages in PDF form (internally it is using the htmldoc library and here appears limitations).

The problem I faced with: wikitopdf is not working correctly by default with the generated images. And graphviz_dir parameter doesn’t really helps. Additionally, wikitopdf tries to download the generated picture in case when it failed to find it locally, but this not working when you have Basic Auth in trac, as it uses python library that doesn’t support authorization.

The workaround was simple and as for me, this method should be always used: I switch on the debug level logs in Trac, and find out in logs, where wikitopdf trying to find images, then I’ve made this directory to be temporary dir for graphviz files.
Links: – trac project – graphviz – WikiToPdf plugin for Trac