Windows security, firewall, windows grep, netstat

Hello everybody,

I was surprised by MS Windows 7 firewall 🙂
And looks like it is present in previous versions of MS Windows..

In fact, you can type firewall.cpl in the run window (windows button + R) and you will see a window with firewall settings, you can click ‘Advanced settings’ and block any inbound or outbound requests in few clicks if necessary! Or you can use cmd:


It is very useful if you need to stop some virus to send its body everywhere and victim PC you need to repair has no antivirus or any kind of protection software..

Also it is interesting, MS Windows has a grep analogue:
For instance you want to filter opened ports by IP on your machine:

C:netstat -an |find /i “”


C:netstat -an |find /i “listening”

Here /i is Ignore case flag. Syntax is very alike with grep: |find /flags “what”.

You are able to use netstat cmd to check what ports are currently used on your computer.

Happy virus blocking (:

Best regards,